Decision Making Process For Freelancers Using Technology Freelancers are small business owners, they have to make decisions to run and maintain their small businesses and this requires both brainpower and technology. The main advantage of technology[[

 | advantage of technology]]
 in decision making is to aid data mining process - which is a crucial element in decision making. 

But before we go any further, let’s first look at the types of decisions a freelancers is more likely to make and after that we shall see how a freelancer should make decisions when given a specific task by a client.

Types of Decisions You Have To Make

• Structured Decisions:- A structured decision involves processing of specific information in a unique way so that you will always get the right answer. No feel or intuition is necessary. These are the kind of decisions that you can program - if you use a certain set of inputs and process them in a precise manner, you will always arrive at the right answer. For example, as a content writer, I can set a system which sets a cost per word I write per a specific niche - so if a client contacts me, I will use that system to identify their niche and number of words they want me to write = thus making it easy for me to give them the right quotation without bothering my brain.

Structured decisions have a well defined methodology used to find solutions and they're always backed up by unique data to reach a decision. Various information technological tools can be used to create a system which gathers and calculates information in real-time thus saving you time.

• Non-structured Decisions:- In this scenario, there may be several right answers and there is no precise way of getting the right answer. In most cases, non-structured decisions rely on expertise / knowledge a person has and they often require information and models to solve them. No rules or criteria exist that guarantee you with a good solution. A good example is designing a new logo for an already existing company - with such a task, you will rely mostly on your experience and knowledge. You have to play around with various ideas (but also compare your work/ideas with various logo artists). In my opinion as a freelancer, it is very difficult to make non-structured decisions – simply because they have no defined model/system to help you reach the right answer. You will have lots of correct answers but fail to choose one thus waste lots of time on a project. This explains why LOGO designing jobs take longer than content writing.

• Recurring Decisions:- This is the kind of decision that happens repeatedly, and often periodically, whether weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. You will always use the same set of rules each time you make a recurring decision. For example, if you decide to charge your clients per hour for a specific job like content writing, website development, logo designing you will always use the same set rate - multiply it with the number of hours you spent on the job and bill the client.

Let us say as a content writer, I can set $10 charge per hour (this time i won’t charge my clients per word, but instead per hour) - so if I spend 2 hours writing an article = that will be $20. Now every-time I get a content writing job and it requires me to you use a specific set of rules hourly charge - nothing will change, I will always use that set of rule. Recurring decisions are more like structured decisions - though for recurring decisions you don't need lots of information to reach the right answer (actually the answer is already defined)

• Non-recurring Decisions:- A non-recurring decision is sometimes called an adhoc decision. This is the kind of decision that you make infrequently (perhaps only once) and you many even have different criteria for determining the best solution each time you're assigned with a task. A good example is script / website cloning. These don't happen often - so once you're contacted by a client to clone a specific website/script. You will need to use different set of criteria for that job. WHY? Simply because the way you handle one clone is not the same way you do the other.

How To Make Decisions As a Freelancer? Decision making process has four distinct phases and these include:

• Intelligence:- You need to find what to fix once a client assigns you with a task. Some jobs are not straight forward. Not all clients can explain exactly what they need - so as an informed freelancer - you have to look beyond customer specifications. Know exactly what should be fixed.

Every time you take on a job on Freelancer, do the following: - Find or recognize a problem, need, or opportunity (this is also called the diagnostic phase of decision making). You can use different online technological tools to analyze or diagnose a problem.

The intelligence phase involves detecting and interpreting signs that indicate a situation which needs your attention. In most cases, these signs come in many forms; so you have to be vigilant during this process otherwise you might miss out on something important.

• Design:- After finding what to fix in the intelligence stage, your next task is to find fixes. Make sure you consider all possible ways of solving the problem, filling the need, or taking advantage of the opportunity. In such a phase, you will develop all possible solutions you can.

• Choice:- It is time to pick a fix. Thoroughly examine and weigh the merits of each solution, estimate the consequences of each, and choose the best one. When choosing the ‘’best solution’’ you can consider factors like cost, time and ease of implementation. Choice making is a prescriptive phase of decision making – it is a stage at which a course of action us prescribed.

• Implementation:- Now that you have picked a fix, it is time to apply that fix to get end results. Carry out the chosen solution, monitor the results and make adjustments as necessary. To implement a solution is seldom enough. That solution will need fine-tuning, especially when the problem to be solved is complex.


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